What To Expect


Coffee is one of God’s best creations, so we celebrate that. When you’re visiting us for the first time, don’t forget to pick up your free Cornerstone mug!


Cornerstone is a place for people in progress. Whether you have been a christian for your whole life, or you just have some questions, Jesus loves you and so do we.


Cornerstone Kids is the place where our children can learn about Jesus on their level. If you’ve got little ones under 7, they’ll have a blast! Come a minute or two early so you can meet the teacher and get your child registered. Then, after our time of worship, the teacher will lead the kids downstairs to learn from a bible story, play with other kids, and sing a song or two!


We think church should be enjoyed, not endured. We think God has a great sense of humor, and that He can be fun. So expect to laugh and let yourself enjoy yourself.


As our service starts, we’ll all sing a few songs together. The band will play great music for about 35 minutes. The music is rock and roll and a little too loud for church. We like it that way.


After worship, for about 45 minutes, we’ll hear a thought-provoking and engaging message from the bible. We hope you’ll leave inspired and challenged to be more like Jesus

We’ll Save a Seat For You

Drop a line and let us know you’re coming!